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Our History | Today Inc.

In 1970, a small group of concerned Bucks County community leaders explored the possibility of establishing a comprehensive, residential rehabilitation program for adolescent substance abusers.

Their backgrounds in the fields of law enforcement, drug enforcement, legal counsel, corrections and special education made these individuals (John D. Case, William H. Eastburn, William D. Ford, John L. Hopson and Earl W. McWilliams, PhD.) aware of the need for such a program. The initial funding of $5,000 was made available through a grant from the Bucks County Bar Association.

After months of planning, research and discussion, TODAY, Inc. was born. Intended to be an alternative to incarceration, the organization would be a private, free-standing, non-profit agency. One which would be accessible to all, regardless of economic, ethnic or religious backgrounds.

Since its opening on March 1, 1971, TODAY, Inc. has provided a highly successful, comprehensive, continuum of behavioral health services. Our formal treatment services have helped over 20,000 young people and their families.

Under the TODAY, Inc. umbrella, a broad array of evidence-based prevention services have also been implemented in the treatment of substance use and co-occuring disorders. With their focus on identifying risk and protective factors, these programs have helped to educate and support communities throughout the greater Delaware Valley region.

On October 1, 2014, TODAY, Inc. transferred treatment services for its clients to Pyramid Health Services at TODAY while prevention and education services are continuing to be provided by TODAY, Inc.

This transition has allowed TODAY, Inc. to meet and expand our mission objectives and to encourage new and creative ways to successfully enhance many of the health needs in Bucks County.  Some of the new programs being implemented include:  educational programs for school staff to improve identification of at-risk students and access appropriate school and agency support services; expand efforts to inform physicians of our services and how we can assist in matching support services with at-risk patients and their families; increase community projects on safety and meeting family and neighborhood cohesion goals; educate businesses on community problems and needs that may affect customer base and on improving employee health; provide subsidies for Bucks County adults who cannot afford treatment; work with seniors on topics such as medication interactions, staying healthy and intergenerational issues; and being an integral part of the Bucks County Take Back Drug campaign.

TODAY, Inc. continues to accept donations that will be used to support these extensive prevention and education programs currently in place and future programs benefiting Bucks County needs. Please visit the Donation tab on the Home page to make your contribution and thank you.


To obtain a copy of the annual report for Today, Inc. please submit a request in writing to:
John Howell, Executive Director of Today, Inc.
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