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Grant Application Form | Today Inc.

It is important to complete the application in its entirety. Your responses should be brief and to the point but should convey your needs and ideas. The content of the application should accurately reflect your intent, time-line, goals and assessment process.

The application must be submitted via online form (see page one of application).

The grant applications will be reviewed promptly. You can anticipate a response within sixty (90) days of receipt of your application. Applications are on a rolling basis and you may submit your application at any time. All applicants will be notified of acceptance of their proposal, or not, within that ninety-day timeframe.

As in all grant applications, TODAY, Inc. may have additional questions when your application is reviewed.  If so, you will be contacted.

Your ability to meet your goals is important to us and you should be as realistic as possible. You should be able to verify, as best as possible, if you were successful in meeting your goals. If your project or program meets its goals and can be replicated, you may be asked to share information with other entities so they can use your experiences and be successful, too!

Thank you for participating in this new venture by TODAY, Inc.


Grant Application

Note:  Please read ahead before beginning to make sure you have all necessary information.

  • Please be prepared to provide a budget per our request upon receipt of this application.